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8 of 10 are smokerS?

Last 2 week, I had gone to K.Lumpur again. This time I went there with 2 of my friends. The bus drop us at KL Central and yes that place is our final station together. At KL Central there are 3 railway station: Putra LRT, Komuter (KTM) and Monorail.

“We’ll be separate here” said my friend.

“We just take rest first before continue” said another one.

“Ok, we’ll it this potato chip” said me then. That potato should be eaten on the bus but because I still “full tank”, so this potato chips left uneaten.

But the first thing they do is smoking, one of the thing that make me feel s*ks. Yeah, I don’t like the smoke produced. My father can easily finished 1 cotton of cigarettes by just one day, what a unhealthy habit.

When I looked around, there’s another person smoked there and I count: 2, 3, 4…and 8 from the bench of people are smoking. Wow, that 80% of us and if it was a school gred, all these people got A for this smoking subject, haha… I’m just looking and sure, I’m become the passive smoker then cause of other people. Huh!

This is very sad for me actually. You got a life and then you use to hurt yourself. I know its hard to reduce when you become xtreme smokers but at least try. So do you smoke? How do you feel with the smokers especially when they smoke around you?

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Have you experience driving at night?

Sounds creepy right? Yes it is. Today I have visited my friend’s blog that talk about his experience at the office, doing some OT but like the concept of this blog, yes it road related.

I’m just quote a short story from his blog but sorry. His blog in Malay so I don’t put his link here.

During that time it was about 7 pm. He was alone at his office doing OT (overtime) because waiting for the boss. All the staff has gone back to their home, to see their beloved wife or husband.

Before this, there’s a rumor that the office developed at the ex-graveyard but he believe that that was a normal, don’t ever afraid with somebody that has dead.

By that time, somebody have switch off the air conditioner(air-cond).

“Who was the person that switch off this air-cond. Sh*t! I have many works to do here. This maybe Shahrul work, always turn off the air-cond without checking me here. Isk..” say him in heart. He don’t go to turn on the aircond because he was lazy then.

Then he heard a sounds from the tray behind him.

“Who else than me in this office?”
Then he heard sounds such as someone open and the closed the door.

His heart bit becomes faster.

“I need to blah (go) from here”.

So he run as fast as he can. He run downstairs at a seconds.

So he drove home after some creepy time at his office. But the story does not end yet.

He takes his ride home and call of his friend to wait him at front of home. Nothing happen he thinks. Yup, he went home with safe.

Before he could sit down to relax, phone ringing. His boss is calling to go together to the office. Yes, he obey with his boss. So he invite his housemate to go along.

Yes they go along but they have one agreement. The front sit (beside the driver must be empty) Why?

Because his friend saw a girl with white shirt come back with him before!

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Every Road Is Unique, So do you!

Do you notice that every road is unique? Why? Cause like us, road also have name! hehe..but maybe one road have same name with another road. (human also have same name right?)

Road have can be diverge from one straight way. Also human. Some of the person that have religion is diverge from the right way, from the straight way.

Road can be damaged, so with you. But road can be repair like new one but when you are damage, you cant be same as new.

Road can be the connection between houses, town, city, or country but why people be seperated with their busy life?

But last important thing is: you create the road

Road and Road........

dedicated to civil engeneering people :p

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Snatch or Thieves On the road

I have been message by my girlfriend that are working at Kuala Lumpur. When She gonna back at 10pm, somebody has followed her with motorcyle. She went to bus stop (because it's her reautine to go back at home by bus). She try to ignore the intruder but when she look at somewhere else (maybe looking for bus), she felt something at her back!
What her tell me, it maybe knive or something that are sharp. Luckily by that time, 3 women came to the bus stop and finally that intruder went away.

Fuh...luckily for her and for me too. If something happening to her, i dont know what im gonna be. But One thing for sure, you'll not like me that time! - mean that i will feel uneasy and always thinking about her.

Thank God nothing happen. (human alway remember their God when in bad situation)

Do you ever see the or had ever been in that situation? If yes, why not you share here with others by leaving some comment?

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Road: RM 1 for a day Bus

At Kuala Lumpur, they have use new system for this year.

I remember when at my uncle's house, i want to shop at hypermarket that are 5 kilometres away, so i use bus. When i use the bus, i pay RM 1 for the usage when i sit down, i see:
"Anda boleh menggunakan tiket sepanjang hari. Sila simpan ticket anda" or in English: You can use the ticket for whole day, so please keep up your ticket.

In my mind, what the hell is this? At my place at Kota Bharu, they charge per trip basis. But then my heart say, relax...they say for one day, just used it! So after finishing my shopping, i when back with the same ticket. Before i enter the bus, i ask: Can i use this ticket again? to the bus driver and he reply: "of course yes".

Till today i still thinking, how can the bus station make profit when people just pay once a day: not like before, pay when you got a service.

How about the bus service at your country? What system it use?


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Motorcycle, Car or Bus?

Motocycle, Car or Bus?

Question for those of you that are working especially at the busy area and always have a traffic jam. Me? in the future, i'll think about it, seems i still at UTP, studying...yes, my university is loooonnnggg away from Ipoh, the city of Perak (one of malaysia state). So which do you prefer?

Maybe i can use your experience for my future. From what i have seen at Kuala Lumpur, motocycle is better. Why? Because it wil not caught by the traffic jam and fast. Heres the point:

  • fast and not caught by traffic jam: motocycle
  • cheap : bus win
  • win in hot or raining day: of course car!

what i prefer? I can say: motorcycle if only not raining =p.

Maybe i should include vote at this blog later...hehe

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My motorcycle’s tire has been losing their air pressure.

I left my motorcycle for 2 months and yesterday after came back to my university, the back tire losing their pressure. But no wonder it happen cause the motorcycle don’t work (don’t move) for the 2 months and I will also get damage if like that.Before, I used to get my motorcycle back to my hometown but not last semester. The carrier (personal) don’t want to carry our motorcycle back to home (our means my friend and I that totally 6 peoples).

Why? Because it not worth that personal carrier that use lorry to send the motorcycle. One person don’t want to send back his motorcycle that cause the carrier to cancel 2 weeks before the break. I feel really sad.

Everyone knows that their motorcycle will damage when not being use for long time, even for 2 weeks. Do you ever leave your motorcycle or car without using them for one time? Share here by leaving a comment.

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The books festival.

I saw the banner of books festival along the road city about 3 days ago. So today on 6 July 2006 I went there. This is the 4-th time after 7 years doesn’t go to any my hometown books festival. (most of time I was at my university and private schools.)

I think that I can have a new and best seller’s books there but none! All books are for the kids, primary and secondary schools. I do likes reading and it was my hobby, especially motivational books and $$ related book : internet marketing, business.

So I think that they should used title: school’s books festival or so on to not get the people frustrated…

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Do they Love Their Head?

This morning I have sent my brother to school.

As usual, I see the some parents don’t wearing helmet when sent their son by motorcycle. (Act. sometimes I also do that). Their son? Of course NOT.

We have those troublesome traffic rules but when it was early in the morning and not so many people around with the police officers still not on working hours, why should they wear helmet? Helmet is important but how many people are actually wearing it with 100% of will? But when something bad happen, it will be our regret not to wearing any helmet.

I remembered about road campaign from the Malaysia government: 2-3 advertise about the helmet. Our country have high number of accidents. Why a??

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Road to millionaire..

While riding motorcycle of mine, I’m thinking that how can people makes millions of bucks from seminar or courses by the so called gurus.

Yes, they will tell some of their secret but how many people that join them in seminar and so and, but do their man tee can really succeed same as their mentor? I still thinking about that. But still for sure, there’s a lot of effort and things to do even after taking their courses.

If you have ever taken the course, how's the result?

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